Wonder Clips

These wonderful Wonder Clips from Clover are a stitcher's best friend.

With great holding capacity, these clips are a great alternative to pins - especially when working with vinyls, piles and heavyweight fabrics. They are perfect for sewing, knitting, crochet, crafts and beading.

Sewing: Wonder Clips can hold together layered sections of fabric while you're sewing, so that your quilt bindings, hems, piping, seams (the list goes on!) can all be held securely in place. Unlike pins, Wonder Clips do not leave holes in leather, delicate or vinyl/laminate type fabrics. You can easily position appliqué or hold patterns in place while marking or cutting and avoid puckering issues caused by using pins on some fabrics.

Knitting and Crochet: Wonder Clips are wonderfully helpful if you're a knitter who is always joining your work at seams. For those who crochet, you can clip all of your intermediate sections together in organised groups until you are ready to join them, and then use the Wonder Clips to hold sections together while you attach. If you are beading with your crochet, the Wonder Clip can be used to position the beads away from your work until they are needed.

Crafts and Beading: Wonder Clips are like having a "third hand" while you get craft! They are strong enough to hold virtually any sewing, art, or general craft materials in position while you glue, sew, paint, tie, staple, embellish, dry, or carve . . . whatever is required to create your masterpiece.

The Wonder Clips are available in a variety of sizes and quantities, which you can select from the drop down bar. 

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