Sweet Honeysuckle Miniature

Raised Embroidery 

* LEVEL 1 *

Sweet Honeysuckle Miniature is an ideal first project if you have no prior experience with raised embroidery. I do recommend that you have a bit of experience with general embroidery stitches and are comfortable stitching with fine threads.

I created the Sweet Honeysuckle Miniature as a smaller version of my Sweet Honeysuckle design for those who would like just a small, manageable introduction to Raised Embroidery.

Sweet Honeysuckle Miniature was inspired by Elizabethan flower motifs, tweaked with a touch of Art Nouveau to create a more flowering and organic design. The pink honeysuckle flowers are stitched in softly shaded silk threads with touches of yellow and metallic gold, onto ivory silk broadcloth. A fluffy bumble bee with delicate organza wings is busily buzzing among the flowers.

Like the larger version, Sweet Honeysuckle Miniature introduces you to some of the basic raised embroidery techniques such as felt padding, simple wired shapes and using needleweaving to create raised and semidetached elements. The detailed instructions and diagrams will help guide you step by step through the project.

The size and shape of this little design makes it perfect for a pot lid or to be placed into a round glass paperweight.

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