Stitch People Occupations & Hobbies

Stitch People Occupations & Hobbies, is to be used in tandem with "Do-It-Yourself Stitch People", will help you expand your cross stitched family portraits to include your loved ones in their hobby-related or professional wear. Whether you need a pattern for a government employee or avid kayaker, the patterns in stitch people Occupations & Hobbies will help you expand and perfect your stitch people portraits to your heart's content. 

It includes:

Captains, chauffeurs, chefs, clowns, construction workers, doctors, EMTs, fast food & cafeteria workers, firefighters, fishers, flight attendants, garage & janitorial workers, hunters, golfers, graduation & university robes, hairdressers, librarians, musicians/instruments, nurses, paramedics, park rangers, photographers, pilots, police, scouts, servers, surgeons, swat team, taxis, teachers and trucks. 

The range also includes:

Stitch People's Do-It-Yourself

Farm Animals



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