Seahorse Soiree Biscornu

if you love the ocean and all the creatures you can find in teh ocean, this is the perfect chart and a biscornu finish - it is just a french word that means 'bizarre, crooked, skewed, quirky or irregular' - yes a funny shaped cushion...

Beth explains that the seahorses are having a party and have invited their sea water friends - you will find a mermaid riding on the tail of her whale friend, fishes, turtles, crabs, jellyfish and of course, seahorses... all edged wiht gently rolling waves. You could add the name of your favourite seaside destination on the bottom of your biscornu to make it a souvenir of a fun holiday!

** Please note that this product is a chart only. 

Linen and threads are sold separately, please let us know if you would like us to put a kit together for you. 

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