Hana Fukin Sashiko Sampler (White)

Hana fukin - ( literally ‘kitchen cloth or flower cloth’ ) are practical and decorative sashiko embroidered fabric found in Japanese households.

Olympus Hana Fukin sashiko samplers to stitch. The designs are printed on cotton fabric with a water dissolvable ink which means once you have followed the pattern, you simply wash it and the instructions disappear. They are such a fun and satisfying projects to make. Similar to linen, after repeated use, the cotton thread and fabric become softer to the touch and readily absorbent to dry dishes.

Other suggestions for your finished sampler include making a cushion, framing or cut the sampler into 4 and make pin cushions, these make lovely gifts. 

You will need to add the following items to be able to complete your Hana Fukin;

Needles; either Olympus or Tulip (we like the long ones!)

Sashiko Thread Choose your favourite colour or choose the traditional colours of indigo and white

Collections: Sashiko

Category: sashiko

Type: Japanese Embroidery

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