Santas Revisited (Book 195)

This Prairie Schooler reprint include the 1990, 1994 & 2005 Schooler Santas;

1990 Santa: the Prairie Shcooler Santas are animal lovers and this one is pictured with wooldand animals. The charming raccon and squirrel agt the bottom are helping Santa to gather nuts/acorns while a cuddly rabbit is tucked under Santa's arm. Three sweet little birds and an acorn studded border complete this design. 

1994 Santa: for all lthe lovers of the Sunflower, this Santa yearns for the spring and summertime, his sack is overfloweing with sunflowers and cute, red winged birds. Our Santa even has a sunflower hanging from one tie of his tunic while the other tie carries a sweet birdhouse. 

2005 Santa: this years Santa was an absolute favourite for all Stitchers who also enjoy patchwork and quilting. This is an elegant Santa wearing a long tunic coat with scissors in one hand and needl in the other. Santa is showing his Quilt in Chrismta colours while his sack is full of threaads and a hoop. We love the detail of tress on his coat.


Type: General

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