Rabbit Rabbit: January

According to folklore, it brings good luck to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" first thing upon waking the first day of the month.

From Ink Circles, the Rabbit Rabbit Sampler can be worked as one piece or as a set of small cushions. Lois Mouriski Bear from Lady Dot Creates has put together an exclusive finishing kit for each 'quarter' which contains all the trims and the silver charm as shown in the model - see below.

The first Rabbit Rabbit design in the series is January where we can see two little brown bunnies frolicking in the snow, while three little bunnies are watching the snowflakes fall, we love their little cotton tails and perky bunny ears!


Others from the range include:

Rabbit Rabbit: February

Rabbit Rabbit: March

Rabbit Rabbit: April

Rabbit Rabbit: May

Rabbit Rabbit: June


Finishing Kits available here;

January, February & March

April, May & June


Please note that this product is a chart only. 

Linen and threads are sold separately, please let us know if you would like us to put a kit together for you. 




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