Quirky Quaker 6: Love Birds

The Quirky Quaker series by Deanna of Darling & Whimsy Designs features animals that you don't normally find featured in cross stitch and that is why we LOVE these designs.

You can stitch these little designs as a quick stitch gift and make a scissor fob, a pincushion or make the series and frame them in a sweet little frame. If you are super keen, you could stitch these all on the same piece of linen and make a larger piece -  you are only limited by your imagination.

Others in the Quirky Quaker Series;

  • Quirky Quaker 1: Puffin 
  • Quirky Quaker 2: Hedgehog
  • Quirky Quaker 3: Bat
  • Quirky Quaker 4: Fox
  • Quirky Quaker 5: Reindeer
  • Quirky Quaker 6: Love Birds
  • Quirky Quaker 7: if you got this far, well done! You can find this freebie design on the Darling & Whimsy website, you need to pop onto instagram for the link :) DarlingandWhimsy Designs.
  • Quirky Quaker 8: Sheep
  • Quirky Quaker 9: Ladybug

Also; Quirky Quaker: Seahorses & Quirky Quakers: Mythical Creatures.

NEW Quirky Quaker design for Expo 2021: Owl 

** Please note that this product is a chart only. 

Linen and threads are sold separately, please let us know if you would like us to put a kit together for you. 


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