Painters Threads Cotton a Broder

Germany’s House of Textile Arts (formerly known as Tentakulum) is famous for their Painter’s Threads: handpainted and space dyed textile materials created from silk, cotton, wool, rayon and metallics. Most products are named for famous artists (list below) who inspired the vibrant, saturated color choices. 

Due to the special painters coloring technique. which is used exclusively by House of Textile Arts for embroidery threads, the dye lots of the Painters Threads vary in color frequently and surprisingly. The threads and fabrics are dyed individually, each dyeing gives a different picture, every single part is individual. The embroidered areas show a wonderfully subtle and continuous blend of Painters Colors. no repeating pattern. This makes every project absolutely unique! All 40 colors harmonize uniquely with one another. Due to the mentioned dyeing technique and different screen outputs, the illustration can also differ greatly from the product delivered. The color card is only for general orientation about the basic colors contained in the respective color. You can find more information about hand-dyeing in the Painters Secrets . You can find color cards here download

Care instructions

  • do not wash cold or lukewarm

⇒TIP: wash in the washing machine at 40 °

  • do not iron with steam


Do not leave folded up when damp. Spread the work out on a thick towel and dry it as soon as possible.

As with all hand-dyed products, color fastness cannot be guaranteed.

If a thread bleeds rinse under cold running water: right away (as an exception the water must be cold), ideally with the hand shower. Repeat this process with slowly warming water until the color is completely washed out. Wash off with a very gentle detergent. A shampoo or curd soap are most suitable for this.

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