Cocoknits Kraft Bin Large

Cocoknits is all about beautiful, versatile, and long-lasting storage solutions. These cylinder bins are just that. They're perfect for organising your yarn, crafts, and really anything else that needs tidying - from toys to towels. They're sturdy enough to sit up, but collapsible when not in use.

Each cylinder bin is made of washable kraft paper fabric, and has one 8cm tab loop for hanging. This is the same type of kraft paper fabric you've come to know in the Cocoknits Kraft Caddy, Project Portfolio, and Maker's Board, and it is ideal for dyeing and embellishing. It's your opportunity to get creative! Each bin comes packaged with a small scrap piece to test dyeing techniques.

The Kraft Bins come in three sizes:

Small - 19cm tall by 19cm diameter. Fits one or two yarn cakes
Medium - 27cm tall by 22cm diameter. Fits a sweater quantity of yarn
Large - 40cm tall by 30cm diameter. Fits yarn plus your project.

Julie Weisenberger, the brainchild behind of Cocoknits, suggests crumpling up your Kraft Bin first to give it some texture and help it sit up properly. Then push out the bottom and shape it. You can even fold down the brim, if needed.

* this listing is for one large Kraft bin only

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