Blue Tailed Whistler

Raised Embroidery

** LEVEL 2 **

The Blue Tailed Whistler is a good project if you are comfortable with general embroidery stitches and have a little experience with Raised Embroidery.

Anna loves birds and finds endless inspiration in their colourful and decorative plumage and my Blue Tailed Whistler is completely imaginative. The dimensional bird is cheerfully perched in a small snow berry tree in this small Raised Embroidery panel.

The embroidery is stitched with stranded silk threads onto a ground of pale blue-grey silk fabric. The body of the bird is embroidered as a separate piece, or slip, before being stitched in place over layers of felt padding. The wing is also created separately before being partly attached to it is raised over the body. Needle lace is used to create the tail feathers and wired leaves add a final touch to the tree the bird is sitting in.

The detailed instructions and diagrams will help guide you step by step through the project.

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