Au ver a Soie, Soie d'Alger 1736 - 2364

Skein dyed in the traditional method to guarantee even, consistent coloration. Great care is taken to ensure this product is properly made.


Thread Applications

• Soie d'Alger is perfect for cross stitch and hand embroidery on linen. It is particularly nice to use in contrast with Soie Perlee in the same design---one thread having a high sheen, the other a soft luster.

• Soie d'Alger is durable for canvas work. Does not pill. 

• All seven plies cover tent stitch on 13 mesh. 

• Soie d'Alger makes the most beautiful cording and tassels for needlework finishing.

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Category: silk, Silk Thread, Soie D'Alger

Type: Thread

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