Gingerbread Candy Mouse with LInen

Say hello to Just Nan's newest, limited edition Gingerbread Mouse for 2020: Gingerbread Candy Mouse!

The Gingerbread Candy Mouse is very fond of holiday sweets, especially candy canes and peppermints.  Her dress is decorated with striped candy in all shapes and sizes, with a few green candy sticks mixed in for holiday colour.  She holds a candy cane charm and wears a hat made from red and white striped beads with a green bugle bead in the center.  She has claimed the Gingerbread Garden Cube (from 2014) as her favourite perching place because “we match!”

Included are red and white striped beads, green bugle beads, gold tail, Just Nan's signature button for the base, a sequin pin for the hat and the antique brass candy cane charm. And of course complete finishing instructions.

In addition, you will need polyfil or cotton to stuff the mouse and a straight pin to attach the hat. 

The finished size is just under 5cm/2" tall.

This is a Just Nan Limited Edition Ornament. You can see our entire range of Just Nan's Limited Edition ornaments here.

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