Square Dance: July, August & September

This series of 4 Square Dance charts are just delightful; small square designs just measuring 2.5" x 2.5". Included in your chart are a little pack of tiny buttons to embellish your stitching. These designs would look very cute in a tiny frame or a collection of little cushions in a bowl. If you are not keen on the monthly names, leave it off and add a special name or date or jsut add a couple more of the monthly themed motifs... change the colours, make it yours or stitch exactly as they are.....

1. January, February & March

Hot in Australia but cold in the other hemisphere, January features a colleciton of the cutest snow folk, all sorts here, tall & short, skinny and wide.... swap the words January to December if you live in the opposite side of the world!

February is Valentine's Day whereever you live - celebrating love, this one is all heart 

We just love all the birds in March, an adorable collection of our favourite feathered animal friends, it seems everyone loves the little Robin Redbreast.

2. April, May & June

April is typically when Easter falls, but you could display this collection of tiny carrots any tie - we love it - wouldn't it look fun in the kitchen!

We associate May with Mother's Day so of course this one is filled with pretty blooms.

June is hot in half the world and this month is full of ice creams, ice lollies, popsicles, whatever you call them, they are delicious! 

3. July, August & September

July features a bowl of funny fish, we just love this one... although Winter in Australia, the fish remind us of snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef which is best done in the middle of the year!

We see no bees but we know they are inside this August apiary of beehives, working busily to provide us with bee juice!

Oh my, we know the chicken lovers are really going to love this one! September is a cluck of chickens running every which way around looking for the best worm.

4. October, November & December

If you love Owls, & we know you are out there! October is filled wth big-eyed wise owls.

November is a big bowl of pineapples - the International symbol of Welcome and a delicious fruity treat - so much fun... time for a pineapple dacquiri?

and finally, December is filled with baubles and a little snowflake to remind us that it is the month for Christmas.


** Please note that this product is a chart & button pack only. 
Linen and threads are sold separately, please let us know if you would like us to put a kit together for you. 

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