The Sampler Book: Suzanne's X Y Z

This lisiting is for 3 Colour PDF charts for the Sampler Book 2021 Stitch-a-Long, one each for X and Y and Z.

Please remember to include your email in your info so we can email the charts to you.


Suzanne is a team member at Stitch and as she approaced the end of her Sampler Book that she woudl like a seperate page for each letter. This increases the number of pages in your book by 1 ie. you will need an extra piece of line for Y and Z, X will be on the back of the W... instead of the combined XYZ.

X - based on the original Chart, Suzanne has increased the size of the X-Ray so we can see the ribs and the pelvis bones

Y - based on the specialty stitch, Suzanne has created a cute lady Yoga balancing on her fly stitch ball

Z - for the last page, we have a leaping Zebra, jumping with joy as you have finished your Sampler Book!


Type: General

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