Stitch People Backgrounds

When Stitch People began in 2013, it was an exercise in simply uniformity to tell stories of our families and loved ones by portraying meaningful details in a small space through cross stitch: bite-sized projects with a high impact. Now it has grown into so much more. 

With Stitch People's Backgrounds, you'll have access to dozens of new patterns to create the perfect scenery for your Stitch People portraits. From tropical getaways to snowy mountain adventures, to cozy camping trips, and memorable drives down Route 66. Sitch People Backgrounds will have all the elements you need to either copy directly from the book, mix-and-match together, or use as a starting point to generate customized patterns of your own. 

Adventure is out there, and now it can be in your Stitch People portraits too!

The range also includes:

Stitch People's Do-It-Yourself

Farm Animals


Occupation and Hobbies

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