My Stitching Bag

We love these little bag kits from Shepherd's Bush BECAUSE the bag is already stitched! All you need to do is open the zipper up, centre the design and away you go.

The kit contains everything you need to embroider the bag, needle, cotton threads and the little buttons and beads that always add charm to Shepherd's Bush designs.

This one is definitely the most popular of these little bags - it says it all really, we love the pretty vine adored with red & pink buds and 3 sweet red flower buttons.

A lovely gift for a friend either stitched or unstitched - Tessa has made 3 so far and they are a little addictive! The kit has come with a little piece of ribbon for the zipper pull but we have added a tassel - let us know if you want to know how. Happy Stitching :)

Other kits in the litle bag series are;

Sew, a needle pulling thread - new at Nashville 2020

Busy Bee Bag

Grateful Heart Bag

Forget Me Not Bag

Embrace the Journey Bag


Stitches used: cross stitch, back stitch


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