Jacobean Leaves

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Crewel Work   *** LEVEL 3  *** 

Jacobean Leaves is an exciting project if you some experience with crewel embroidery and are looking for something slightly more challenging to further develop your skills.

Jacobean Leaves was one of Anna's first crewel work designs. It was inspired by the magnificent foliage traditionally  adorning Jacobean hangings. The design was created as a stitch sampler for Embroiderer’s Guild of South Australia and later published in issue 41 of Inspirations Magazine.

Jacobean Leaves features 21 leaves arranged in a complex design reflecting the lush panels of the past. The leaves are embroidered using 35 different stitches and stitch combinations to create texture and patterns within the design. The detailed instructions and diagrams will help guide you step by step through the project, but you may find it handy to have a good stitch directory at hand – I always do.

The size of the design makes it ideal for a pillow or bag, but it looks equally pretty framed.

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