Enchanting Embroidery Designs

Whimsical Animal and Plant Motifs to Stitch

Miw Morita

Enchanting Embroidery Designs is full of motifs that are both simple and playful, from zany crocodiles, and cuddly cats to big-eared bats and stealthy ravens. This book invites you to be creative with its whimsical designs and step-by-step instructions, whether you use these projects as visible mending techniques or simply to add interest to a piece. The sweet scenes and cute characters are full of life and texture, making them at home on your favourite clothing, home accessories or wall hangings.


Simple how-tos take you through every recommended stitch, while a section on combining colours will inspire you to try mixing and matching to create something new. There's also a section on turning your stitchery into embellishments you can use, wear and share. Put your imagination and hands to work with the help of this inspiring embroidery book.

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Category: crochet, snowflake

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