Cohana Masu Snow Tree Pincushion (with Parquetry Star Pin)

Mini Masu Pincushion Limited Edition for this winter.

Mini Masu is a small size wooden box made of Japanese cypress and measures just 15 mm (0.6 in) square featuring a sophisticated Japanese finger joint that does not require nails to hold the shape of the box. The smooth hinoki cypress of the box gives off a light, woody fragrance.

The pincushion is made of wool from Hokkaido. Sheep carefully raised in Hokkaido. The wool is dyed with local lily of the valley, and finished as a pincushion one by one by hand.

A Star Parquet Sewing Pin crafted from multiple varieties of wood lends a one-of-a-kind natural charm to the Snow Tree Pincushion.

The gentle white wool is made in Hokkaido and dyed with local lily of the valley.


Type: Accessories

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