Athene Noctua

New from Nashville Needlework Market 2019, this design is from Ink Circles: 'Athene Noctua'.

"A. Noctua (also known officially as the 'little owl') is the original wise old owl, dating from its connection to the ancient Greek goddess Athena who represented wisdom and knowledge. She also happens to be the patron goddess of craft and weaving. My depiction of this little owl is taken from the antique Athenian silver coin, the tetradrachm. One side shows Athena and other, the owl with an olive branch. The letters stand for Athena." - Tracey Horner, Designer. 



Product Details (as per the sample)

Design Size: 5' x 5"

Stitch Count: 81w x 81h

Suggested Fabric: 32 count linen 

Stitches used: Cross stitch

Threads Used:


Gentle Arts Sampler:*

  • Forest Glade (or DMC 5051)
  • Gold Leaf (or DMC 729)
  • Pomegranate (or DMC 3777)


  • 433
  • 938
  • 950
  • 3772
  • 3790


Please note that this product is a chart only. 

Linen and threads are sold separately, please let us know if you would like us to put a kit together for you.


*A DMC reference is provided, but it will not match the subtle shading produced by stitching with the overdyed floss. 

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