A Collection of Antique Red Samplers

There is something intriguing about a collection of samplers. Stitch loves RED so of course, these are our new favourite sampler charts and not only that, the chart pack has FIVE charts inside, reproduced from a private collection.

"Five antique samplers are included in this collection, which have been purchased over the past twenty years. Each one is unique and among the five samplers - there are fifteen alphabets, five sets of numerals, along with a number of borders and other sampler motifs. The samplers have been charted exactly as they were stitched. The samplers could be reproduced as charted, or you may elect to use elements of them in other designs you have been stitching. The alphabets and borders are a wonderful resource for the stitcher.

Each sampler has been identified and named either bythe city, the name of the stitcher, or by a motif or border. A detailed description has been written about each sampler, including the stitch count, a description of the linen, the finished size, the closest DMC Colour match, and notes about each design. Two of the samplers are dated an the other three are probably late 1800's to early 1900's.

Stitching Notes: Select a fabric and fiber of your choice. There are so many lovely linens available and the finished size of your piece will be determined by the stitch count. Consider selecting a hand dyed fiber in cotton or silk to complete your project."



Please note that this product contains chart sonly. 

Linen and threads are sold separately, please let us know if you would like us to put a kit together for you. 

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