How to Start a Creative Stitch Journal (deposit)

Tutor: Suzanne Walcott

Date: Saturday 19 October

Tine: 10am-4pm

Total Tuition: $110

Kit $10

Have you seen all the Stitch-a-Day, Graffiti stitching, mark making and embroidery journals "out there"?

Do you want to join in and start your creative journey but just don't know how to begin? Do you have a blank piece of fabric ready for you to embroider the first stitch but you are just too unsure?

Spend a day with award winning quilter Suzanne Walcott as she guides you to reach in and grab the creative spark that you are too hesitant to release! 

Using threads & fabric scraps you already have in your stash, plus our table full of bits & pieces, this class will challenge all those who so far have only stitched from a pattern or chart. YOU will be AMAZED at what lurks in your fingers!!

Suzanne's fabric book (pictured) will inspire you to finish 1-2 pages of your own unique stitched words, flowers, leaves, bugs.

From Suzanne;

Random thoughts captured in stitch marking using basic embroidery stitches.

it is not about the technical detail but the creativity and seeing what emerges from your stitching... where it takes you. Everyone wil have the same elements but will produce entirely different possibilities. 

We wil start with a random shape of fabric and applique this to the background fabric  - not too mcuh thinking - just look and consider 'what if'??? 

Experiment, add a flower to your garden of thoughts... stitch a word or sentence that comes to mind, let your stitches lead you in another direction.. build your page.'

Stitch is pleased to offer all students 10% off any purchases made in store on the day of the class. (this does not apply to class kits or books)

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